Advanced GNM Micro Occlusion/ Coronoplasty II by Clayton A. Chan, DDS

“Advanced GNM Micro-Occlusion/
Coronoplasty II” - Level 7 (Hands-on)

Course Description: “Advanced Micro-Occlusion/Coronoplasty II” - Seminar and Hands on Training
Prerequisite: Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4
AGD Subject Code 184 Occlusal Adjustment/Therapy

The Next Level to “Form and Function”

Level 7 builds on gnathologic and neuromuscular occlusal design principles and teachings from Level I-6, going beyond the establishing of myocentric DOT contacts. This interactive hands on didactic and lecture session develops an appreciation of micro-occlusion principles beyond Level 4 coronoplasty concepts. The importance of anterior cuspid rise and posterior disclusion schemes is taken to new levels and planned to enhance form and function of masticatory muscle dynamics. Occlusal lab exercises will be implemented to train the doctor to better understand cuspal, fossa and inclination form.  The student will bring their own orthotics to further their in-depth understanding and occlusal adjusting skill appreciation of how the OC teachings and GNM philosophy fills in the missing GAPs that exists within the restorative and TMD arena of clinical dentistry.  A precise process will be taught to determine every contour and position of incline planes as well as a method to better communicate every occlusal detail with your dental laboratory technician.

In accordance with the principles of NMD, dentist learn the how’s and why’s of tooth preservation as well as restoring tooth form. They learn how to adjust the teeth to establish complete occlusion consistent with a stable gneuromuscular system. Form and arrangement of the anterior and posterior teeth are discussed as they relate to optimal muscle function and condylar positioning. The Class IV incline interference and more is presented in addition to classic coronoplasty teachings to better understand a missing component to the complex TMD case that has often gone unrecognized in the treatment of TMD primiary, cervical dysfunction, class II div. 2 , open bite tendency cases and advanced restorative dentistry.

This session is a second step toward developing the skills and mastery necessary to achieve healthy, predictable, stable occlusion.

Course Objectives:
  • Review of Micro Occlusion Principles - Refining the gnatho-neuromuscular principles of Anatomical Form & Function
  • Cuspid Rise and Posterior Disclusion - Learning the details of the occlusal table
  • Cuspid rise, cuspid fall – The importance of anatomical anterior form for optimal function.
  • Anterior Plane of Occlusion - The Significance of the anterior disclusive function & design
  • Train the clinician on the importance of anterior occlusive and disclusive movements.
  • Excursive Mandibular Movements - The Importance of anterior transitions
  • Dealing with the Class II div 2 (retro inclined maxillary anteriors)
  • Dealing with the Class III end to end and prognathic occlusion.
  • Instruct the dentist to recognize the Class IV interference and its importance to resolving TMD symptoms, preventing a mis-diagnosis.
  • Head Posture and Its Effect on the Bite - Recognizing the influencers of micro-occlusion
  • Managing the NM Trajectory - Maintaining the neuromuscular trajectory with coronoplasty
  • Resurfacing the Orthosis - Rebuilding a Malocclusion – Subtractive or additive?
  • Measuring With Instrumentation - Instrumentation and use of Scan 12
  • Follow Up Coronoplasty Visits - Follow up coronoplasty visit tips and protocols
  • Live demonstration of coronoplasty and lab exercise will be done by attendees on mounted models.
You Will Learn:
  • The criteria necessary to achieve comfortable occlusion.
  • How anterior indexing and centric stops are critical in stabilizing joint laxity cases.
  • Why anterior disclusion is important to muscle tension resolution.
  • How to resurface the neuromuscular orthosis.
  • The importance of proprioceptive posturing is affected by micro occlusal changes.
  • How to control and influence head tilt and posturing.
  • How to adjusting the orthosis in Class II situations.
  • How to adjust the orthosis in Class III situations.
  • When to implement the anterior ramp.
  • How to design the cuspid inclination for optimal neuromuscular function.
  • How to find the lateral interferences that you didn’t know existed.
  • Learn how to identify the Class IV occlusal interferences and what happens when it is missed.
  • How to handle retrusive contacts and inclines.
  • How to balance the protrusive movements
  • How to resurface the orthosis on the NM trajectory


CLAYTON A. CHAN, D.D.S. Founder/Director of OCCLUSION CONNECTIONS The Center for Gneuromuscular Dentistry & Orthopedic Advancement


Dr. Chan’s GNM teachings have afforded dentist from around the world to implement clinical occlusal techniques that have achieved outstanding results in “real world” dental practices. His leadership and pioneering role in both “gneuromuscular” (GNM) and neuromuscular (NM) occlusion has been recognized, by his peers, for his ability to deliver outstanding care to his patients as well as present the most advanced principles dentistry and the treatment of TMD patients. When taking OC’s Masterclass training, you can be assured you are taught the most up to date and clinically relevant techniques, based on sound science, substantiated protocols. Dr. Chan shows and demonstrates live proven clinical techniques that you will learn, be inspired, become skilled, successful, profitable and confident in integrating the GNM concepts into your dental practice. More About Dr. Chan

 .... The next level to treatment predictability.

TESTIMONIALS: What other dentists have said about Level 7 course:

"Dear Jane and Clayton, 

I want you to know how truly grateful I am to have taken the GMN path. It has been a huge benefit to me and consequently the patients I am able to help. Your awareness and acknowledgment, Clayton, in class of those of us who knew neuromuscular was the way to go even though there were many bumps and seemingly roadblocks along the way, was good to hear. Your stick-to-it-ness
and precision detective work is very much appreciated by me -- and I know by many others. My NM life has been vastly improved since starting the GNM journey. Many things that seemed so difficult or mysterious have been cleared up and accomplished. Now seems I must tackle the orthotic relines!!!

I am looking forward to ortho and scan interpretation. As I mentioned I do ortho and have had some very challenging beginning cases which have turned out well but I need to know a lot more. Ortho and removable orthotics are my retirement plan. It is actually hard for me to think of not doing this anymore because there are so few dentists who know and do what I now know. There are so many people out there with TMD who don't know where to go and need help. 

The environment that you have created for your students is something else I want to compliment you on. It is peaceful and uplifting and honest. I enjoy being in the room. There is always such an amazing group of doctors to be with. This does not happen without good leaders. 

Thank you again. 

With love and blessings to you both," -   Dr. A. B,, Santa Monica, CA

Thank you for your dedication to our profession and to the human being. 

I really enjoyed level 6 and 7. Both level 6 and 7 was the very essential to success to the GNM treatment. Some of the principal I knew it is important, you teach us so many times, but I did not have the real appreciation until I finish level 7. I was just lucky to be able to treat patients before, or that is why I could not resolve some of the symptom. 

I used to think "Listen or experience the same thing again" is waist of my time, but it will bring to the deeper understanding, actually take you to the next level. Open the door to the new level. 

So I will not graduate level 7, maybe never. I am planing to retake some classes again and keep inspired by you and get more deeper understanding. I also need constant encouragement to keep going this journey....otherwise It is too painful for me sometime.

 - Dr. Y.A. (Orthodontist specialist), Seattle, WA

"The training that you receive from taking Levels 1 through 7 at Occlusion Connections with Dr Chan is an education in its purest form. It is more than a set of procedures to help patients, more than an armamentarium to treat disorders, more than a set of principles and skills, and more than knowledge.  It has a formative effect on the way you think, feel, and act.  It is a paradigm shift. It is the most profound professional experience one can have outside of dental school itself.

The education of Levels 1-7 will affect every discipline of your dentistry: TMD, Restorative, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Pediatric, Implants, Oral Surgery, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Sports Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Practice Management." - Brian E. Hale, D.D.S., San Antonio, TX

"As always Dr. Chan has accumulated so much information beyond the expectations of all of us.  This course is so information rich that will take sometime to sink in,  and will require further review of the handouts." - Hamid Nassery, D.M.D. , Miami Beach, FL 

  "Once again Dr. Chan de-mystifies occlusion to a point that it actually makes sense.  This information will help me help my patients immediately" - Peter P. Ferro, D.M.D. , New York, NY

  "In my first 10 years of practice, as I learned how to be a good dentist, I realized I needed to learn more about occlusion. I started with working with the well known gnathologists on multi-day courses, learning about orthotics and splints but realizing I knew less than before and continued to be confused.

Then I went through the entire curriculum of Neuromuscular occlusion at LVI (Occlusion I, II and III, Advanced Anterior, CARP, more), and was even taught by one of the pinnacles in NM occlusion, Dr. Bob Jankelson, and my understanding grew. I was able to treat, resolve problems and plan for success… BUT, there were some cases I could not resolve and the area’s I had difficulty with made me very apprehensive in rebuilding mouths with fixed prosthodontics.

And then along comes Clayton Chan with a new concept…Occlusion Connections. It took me 4 years, but I completed all 7 levels at OC. Now the classic gnathologic principles were married with the neuromuscular concepts. It’s a marriage made in heaven. The NM establishes the 6 dimensional position, and the G establishes the micro-occlusion to a degree that surpassed what I learned elsewhere and voila, I now get better resolution in my pain patients (especially after Level 7 – Advanced Micro Occlusion II, amazingly) and the confidence to accept that I will be married to full mouth cases until I retire, and be OK with that.

OC has changed what I do, each and every day, from single tooth dentistry, to orofacial and TMJ pain patients, to larger prosthetic reconstruction cases." - Lawrence M. Stanleigh, BSc, MSc, DDS, FADI, FICD, FACD, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"After level 7 this weekend I am even more convinced of what a special place Occlusion Connections is. One of the major aspects that has drawn me to Clayton and the O.C. courses is that they are not full of fluff.  This weekend was not a review of things that I have been taught before. It was new fresh information. Level 7 is full of valuable content that is absolutely necessary if you are going to be doing any full mouth reconstruction. In addition everything I learned this weekend also has an everyday practical use. Working closely with Clayton and other O.C. doctors has allowed me to learn things that I could not elsewhere. O.C. is the only place I know of that teaches neuromuscular principles with the gnathology that is necessary to complete or full mouth reconstructions and deal with the daily situations that can haunt us in basic restorative dentistry. Clayton took the mystery out of the gnathology and explained it in simple terms. The hands on exercises wear practical and useful. 

Years ago in my previous training I was taught to take a classic NM bite which gave me the confidence to treat my cosmetic and full mouth cases. I knew how to find the myocentric position. That was not an end all by any means. As we all know it is much more than just setting the bite to a certain position or a cursor on the screen that makes our cases successful. Even when the trajectories look perfect the case still may not be optimized. I can say in years past I had lots of great looking cases with correct trajectories but were not totally resolved. The combination of NM and gnathology is what I am finding is the key to my patients success. The micro occlusion principles taught this weekend are fantastic tools everyone on this forum should know (sorry for sounding preachy but it is true). It wasn't until working with O.C. that I could confidently say I can treat paining patients."
- Joseph Willardsen, DDS, Las Vegas, NV

"If you haven't taken Level 7, I highly recommend you do.  It is the course that closes the loop of the full circle.  If Level 1 made sure that you started treating the case properly,  Level 7 teaches you how to finish even the most difficult cases confidently.  I'm so glad we got the chance to immediately apply all the Level 7 teachings directly on Winston.  (Talk about real-time learning!)  He was the perfect example of an extremely highly proprioceptive patient.  We saw for ourselves the critical importance of removing Class IV inteferences while still maintaining proper support in the extreme movements.  We could see the instant relief on Winston's face when Dr. Chan took all the problem spots out.  And we even got to verify it all on K7.  What's great about this course is that all the concepts are applicable to everyday dentistry.  It's not just for FM (full mouth reconstruction).  Learning these concepts will definitely make you an incredibly skillful dentist.  Thank you, Dr. Chan , for teaching this truly enlightening course." - Susan Yang G. Go, D.M.D., M.Sc, Delta, BC, Canada 

"This was a very practical course for the experienced NM clinician. I'll be taking knowledge back to my practice that I will use the first day. It answered many questions in my mind." - Robert Wageman, D.D.S., Kelowna, BC Canada

"Best manual yet, because a critical part of the information that was presented was on the slides was also in the manual and in order. This was a great course. The gist of it is what we needed to keep the main thing the main thing and go back to the basics of the NM adjustments and refinements." - Keith Allen, D.D.S., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Dr. Chan has discovered new discoveries and brought micro-occlusion to the next level which he unselfishly shared with us." - Hoa Nguyen, D.D.S., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Outstanding course 7 Clayton------it really does complete the circle and consolidate all the principles that you have carefully instilled in us through the series of courses.You have such a gift in your skills but the greater gift is the way you share it with us" - Marke Pedersen, BSc. D.D.S., Vernon, British Columbia

"Having completed all levels 1 to 7, I can honestly say it is a continuum that is a must for every clinician that sincerely wants to deliver the exceptional treatment, diagnosis and understanding of occlusion and TMD." - Joseph Andary, D.D.S., Oaksville, Ontario Canada

"Very important information inclusive of excellent clinical tips I have never been aware of before.  [Dr. Chan] was very accommodating wiht respect ot questions and helpful explaining the most difficult details of the subject presented.  I needed this course to deal with the more difficult cases I have not been successful in treating to completion.  I ma very greatful that Dr. Chan has returned to teaching.  Excllent facility wiht good atmosphere.  Conducive to easy learning." - Michael Nemec, BSc, D.D.S., Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada

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